Ohio Insurance and Financial Group, Inc.

The Ohio Insurance and Financial Group is different than what you may know about most Insurance Agencies.   We are independent business people who choose which Insurance Companies we want to represent in order to offer you a variety of options. If we find that a particular insurance company is not up to our standards of providing excellent claims service and reasonable premiums, we will find another that is. We choose only those insurers that earn top financial and service ratings by state and national rating services. 

The Ohio Insurance and Financial Group can sift through multiple policies and vendors to ensure you receive the best coverage for the best price. We do the searching, comparison, and analysis for you. Our representatives work with several companies, so they can compare policies side-by-side for the best coverage, service, and rate.

Our loyalty is to our clients because we work for you, not the insurer. We won't try to talk you into a large, complicated policy if what you need is simple. We also won't let you be susceptible to a loss if you need more coverage than average.   You're not an insurance expert, and you don't need to be with us in your corner.  In other words, we treat you like a friend, not a policy holder.  

Call (513)770-9319 today and let us show you the type of expertise and professionalism you can expect from The Ohio Insurance and Financial Group.